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Last updated:
September 19, 2020

Below you'll find a useful collection of essential online calculators for sellers and website owners. These will help you price your products correctly as well as ensure you have the right amount of stock on hand. These and 100s more calculators are available at Omicalculator.

Are you looking for an all-in-one price and cost calculator? Below you'll find a free Google Sheet calculator to help you price your products easily and effectively. Click the Free Download button to get your copy...

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Selling Price & Cost Calculator
This is the last selling price calculator you'll ever need! It features a powerful selling price and cost calculator, reverse markup, desired margin, VAT, and a shipping calculator too.  Access as a Google Sheet you can copy or download.

Pricing Calculators

Calculating the optimal selling price for your product or service is an important step. Knowing all your input costs is vital for this. Once all the costs are factored it's then a good idea to look at what your competitors are pricing the same product at. Remember that a low-ball pricing strategy is a race to the bottom. Think about your own resources and how you could offer more value (or reduce costs) for the same product, and factor that into the price.

Markup Calculator
Margin and VAT Calculator
Break-even Calculator

Purchasing Calculators

CBM Calculator for Shipping
Dimensional Weight Calculator
EOQ Calculator (Economic Order Quantity)

Design Calculators

Image File Size Calculator
Screen Size Calculator
Aspect Ratio Calculator

Date Calculators

Date Calculator
Deadline Calculator
Christmas Countdown Calculator