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Ecommerce Legends Exposed: Top 30 E-commerce & Online Pros & Their Earnings

Discover the top 30 ecommerce and online entrepreneurs along with their net worth and sources of income in this revealing list.

In the ever-evolving and dynamic world of e-commerce and online business, a select few individuals have emerged as true legends, paving the way for countless others to follow in their footsteps. These pioneers have not only mastered the art of online entrepreneurship but have also amassed remarkable fortunes, becoming recognized figures in the industry.

From the charismatic and influential Gary Vaynerchuk to the motivational powerhouse Tony Robbins, this list demonstrates the ingenuity, determination, and unwavering passion that fuel success in the digital realm. Each individual brings their unique blend of expertise, strategies, and captivating personalities to the table, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Please note: below earnings and net worth amounts are estimates found from various online sources.


Gary Vaynerchuk

Bio: Gary Vaynerchuk, popularly known as Gary Vee, is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, content creator, and more. The public figure has founded, created, and sold several businesses across industries, including media, blockchain, tech, and more. His most popular business is VaynerX which has several media ventures, including Vayner Media and Gallery Media Group.

Tony Robbins

Bio: Tony Robbins is an author, coach, motivational speaker, TV personality, and more. He has written self-help books, conducted numerous seminars, and is a life coach. He is one of the leading business strategists who has worked across industries such as TV, streaming, sports, eSports, and more.

Richard Branson

Bio: Richard Branson is an entrepreneur and a commercial pilot who owns the Virgin Group. The Virgin Group has over 40 companies underneath it in several industries and across multiple countries. These industries include airline, entertainment, health & wellness, money, technology, travel, and space.

When They Began: 1966

Annual Earnings: $400 million

Net Worth: $4.7 billion


Patrick Bet-David

Bio: Patrick Bet-David immigrated to America from Iran during the Iranian Revolution. After serving in the 101st Airborn in the US Military, he started his own agency in the financial services industry. Over the years, he’s penned several books on finance and self-help, and today hosts a podcast, coaches budding entrepreneurs, and conducts webinars.

Grant Cardone

Bio: Grant Cardone is an entrepreneur, author, coach, and motivational speaker who has authored several self-help books and conducts webinars, seminars, and coaching sessions in different fields, including sales, marketing, finance, real estate, and more. Besides these, he also owns a real estate company called Cardone Capital and has invested in multiple portfolios of assets.

Tai Lopez

Bio: Tai Lopez is a motivational speaker, a life coach, an entrepreneur, and an investor. He has invested in several asset classes and has created numerous sessions and courses for finances, health & wellness, wealth building, weight loss, dating for millionaires, and more.

Ed Mylett

Bio: Ed Mylett is a global speaker, life coach, author, podcaster, content creator, and entrepreneur. He uses various media channels to sell the knowledge he acquired through his experience in the form of TV shows, podcasts, books, and keynote speeches.

When They Began: 1992

Annual Earnings: $10-15 million

Net Worth: over $100 million


Dan Lok

Bio: Dan Lok is a content creator, a finance expert, a venture capitalist, a coach, and an investor. He has penned several books and created programs on marketing, sales, finance, wellness, social media management, and more. He trains people on having financial confidence and experiencing 6 to 7-figure businesses with skill sets such as marketing and copywriting. He is also a speaker featured on FOX Business News, MSNBC, CBC, Forbes, Business, and more.

  • When They Began: 2003
  • Annual Earnings: $10-15 million
  • Net Worth: $70 million
  • Website:

Lewis Howes

Bio: An internet personality who is authored several bestselling books about growth mindset, accomplishing greatness, and relationship building. He hosts a podcast, a motivational speaker, and a life coach that offers lessons on different facets of life, including wellness, relationships, and business.

Mel Robbins

Bio: Mel Robbins is a former lawyer who became a speaker, a podcast host, and an author. She has written various books on topics such as habit forming, mindfulness, wellness, and other self-help themes. She is most famous for her TEDx talk “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over” and has since then motivated countless people. Above and beyond this, she also offers free coaching sessions, a combination of videos, and a workbook.

When They Began: 2011

Annual Earnings: $3 million

Net Worth: $10 million


Gabrielle Bernstein

Bio: Gabrielle Bernstein is an author of 9 books, a podcast host, and a motivational speaker. The bestselling author focuses on and discusses topics such as mindfulness, mental well-being, meditation, growth mindset, and more. She is also a life coach who conducts sessions via a coaching app where you get weekly lessons, quarterly challenges, and practices that help you unlock your highest potential.

Simon Sinek

Bio: Simon Sinek is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and leadership coach. The owner of The Optimism company has described the golden circle of why, how, and what, which helps leaders build businesses that add value to the customers. He conducts sessions, seminars, workshops, and more on leadership, company culture, problem-solving, business development, and more.

Russell Brunson

Bio: Russell Brunson is a YouTuber, an author, an entrepreneur, a podcaster, and a speaker. He has penned several books and hosted podcasts to help people start and grow their businesses. He was also the one who popularized the concept of sales funnels and founded a company that could help business owners reach their potential customers.

Marie Forleo

Bio: Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and philanthropist. She is popularly known for the book Everything is Figureoutable and the podcast MarieTV. Her main focus is on self-empowerment and building businesses. She also offers courses on business growth, copywriting, and living a productive and fulfilled life.

Aubrey Marcus

Bio: Aubrey Marcus is an entrepreneur, lifestyle coach, author, and podcaster focusing on personal development through various means and experiences. He has conversations with people from various walks of life, understands their philosophies, and even conducts sessions for numerous people to help them grow holistically.

Tom Bilyeu

Bio: Tom Bilyeu is a YouTuber, a podcaster, the CEO of Impact Theory, and the co-founder of Quest Nutrition. The last one is a billion-dollar brand 😲 that aims to improve the food industry leading to the betterment of humankind’s collective health. His company, Impact Theory, aims to incubate mission-based businesses and spread the word about businesses through interviews hosted by himself.

When They Began: 2010

Annual Earnings: $4-8 million

Net Worth: $400 million


Jay Shetty

Bio: Jay Shetty is a lifestyle coach, entrepreneur, author, and podcaster. He also co-founded the company Sama Tea, which is an adaptogenic tea brand inspired by Ayurveda. Adaptogens are elements used in herbal medicine that propagate better physiological health. The motivational speaker is greatly influenced by human spirituality, and his content focuses on building a holistic life for oneself.

David Meltzer

Bio: David Meltzer is a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, a podcaster, and a business coach. He aims to make 1 billion people accomplish happiness. He is the co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and is the former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment Agency. Interestingly, the latter served as an inspiration for the Tom Cruise starrer Jerry Maguire.

Dany Garcia

Bio: Dany Garcia is a film producer and an entrepreneur. She is the CEO and Chairwoman of The Garcia Companies, a portfolio for brands across industries, including business, entertainment, beverages, and food. She is also the founder of GSTQ, an apparel brand. Besides these, she is also a film producer with titles such as Baywatch, Jumanji, Hobbs & Shaw, Jungle Cruise, Shazam!, Red Notice, and several others to her credit.

Neil Patel

Bio: Neil Patel is an entrepreneur, a business coach, and a content creator who focuses on people building better marketing strategies and increasing their revenue across multiple channels. He has enabled Microsoft, Amazon, Airbnb, Viacom, NBC, General Motors, and Salesforce to grow through innovative marketing efforts. He is also an author who trains budding entrepreneurs and marketers, teaching them how to grow their businesses.

Kosi Stobbs

Bio: Kosi Stobbs is an entrepreneur, investor, business coach, and author who has built a thriving network of businesses. He offers training courses for people who want to gain mastery over the real estate market in Canada and also runs his own business. He believes in investing in established companies that require a leader such as himself to take the company forward, break new ground, and build thriving businesses out of them.

Logan Paul

Bio: Logan Paul is a podcaster, an entrepreneur, a boxer, a wrestler, a content creator, and a whole lot more! The social media personality began his career with the sketch platform Vine and moved on to YouTube, where he tried out multiple things. Today he owns his own apparel brand, energy drink brand, is a part-time wrestler with WWE, and has a podcast of his own. What’s intriguing is that he has also fought an exhibition boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

Pat Flynn

Bio: Pat Flynn is a finance coach, a podcaster, a blogger, and an entrepreneur. He has built multiple businesses in different sectors, such as education, eCommerce, and more. His podcast discusses the different facets of passive income and how people must build wealth over time.

Ramit Sethi

Bio: Ramit Sethi is an author, an entrepreneur, a personal finance expert, and a finance coach. He offers different courses on learning to tackle daily problems, how to launch products, how to lead a contented and fulfilled life, how to write copy that engages people and leads to conversions, and more. He has also co-founded, an online advertising advice platform.

Evan Carmichael

Bio: Evan Carmichael is an entrepreneur, a podcaster, a content creator, a coach, and a motivational speaker. He has built and sold companies and aims to promote the simple thought that people must believe in themselves no matter what. He has the world record for owning the largest salsa dance studio in Canada, uses a trampoline and a stand-up desk, and keeps a packet of Doritos in front of him daily. Every day he wants to remind himself that he’s stronger than the Doritos.

Dave Ramsey

Bio: Dave Ramsey, or David Lawrence Ramsey III, is a radio personality, entrepreneur, TV show host, and writer. The bestselling author has written several books about building wealth and leading a prosperous life. Ramsey also often talks about how people shouldn’t let debts pile up and offers several countermeasures in his podcast, books, and talk show.

Jason Feifer

Bio: Jason Feifer is a speaker, author, podcaster, and entrepreneur. He is the Chief Editor of Entrepreneur Magazine and has worked with several publications and companies such as Maxim, Boston Magazine, The Washinton Post, New York, Men’s Health, Fast Company, and more. He is a coach who helps people build themselves and focuses on how people must grow in their personal and professional settings.

Amy Porterfield

Bio: Amy Porterfield is an online marketing expert, author, businesswoman, and podcaster. She helps businesses grow through her speeches, content, books, and training sessions for budding entrepreneurs. The multi-faceted personality also offers courses that teach and enable people to build their own courses.

Omar Elattar

Bio: Omar Elattar is a content creator, speaker, podcaster, and mentor/coach. He aims to inspire people around the world through his content. He offers coaching programs and training sessions for people who want to unlock their potential and become better versions of themselves.

Brendon Burchard

Bio: Brendon Burchard is an entrepreneur, a business coach, an author, and more. He has an online university where he teaches students about business, psychology, growth mindsets, productivity, and more.

  • When They Began: 2005
  • Annual Earnings: $1-3 million
  • Net Worth: $22 million
  • Website:


Written by:
James Mew
Selljam Founder | Head of eCommerce

With 18 years of experience in the eCommerce industry, I have successfully launched and grown multiple e-commerce businesses, the 2nd one hit 7-figures in revenue within its first year. In 2022, I joined a European food technology equipment and IT service provider as their Head of E-commerce, overseeing 14 eshops across Europe and South Africa. Selljam is where I share all those ecommerce tips, tricks and hacks learned along the way that I hope will also help you on your journey to success. 

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