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Astrum Peripherals

South Africa
Last updated: February 2, 2021


The Essence of Astrum
The significance of Astrum lies in the word itself. A ‘Star’. Astrum encourages excellence, innovation and intelligence through a colossus of future-oriented technology. Astrum Holdings is a splendid, ground-breaking brand who is concerned about your every day’s convenience through comfortability and sustainability. Originally from Hong Kong, we have expanded globally to multiple regions such as Australia, South Africa and India within a decade.

Astrum’s Vision
Since our inception, our vision has remained unaltered, which is “Breaking down the barriers between people and technology.” Innovation, quality, market condition and environment are the basic achievements factors on which we are continually focusing to further, build-up it's business and bring the increased value of our consumers.

Astrum’s Aim
Previously, electronics were shabby and used to have a low standard of quality or were incredibly costly. There was an absence of reasonable, high valued quality consumer electronics. We sensed the need for empowering individuals to get overall worldwide access to modern, smart technologies in consumer electronics with rational affordability. Regardless of the product, from the computer and mobile accessories, audio devices to IT or LED lights. We have always strived to segregate the exchange between innovation, quality and cost.

We have been able to give vigorous, durable, high-tech and environmentally-friendly smart technology, globally. Remaining on the cusp of modernization has enabled us to do what we adore best: utilizing innovation in endless approaches to facilitate every individuals' life. Our goal is to see our consumers building their lives with Astrum.

Astrum as a Brand
Astrum is something beyond than just a company name. “Experience the Difference”. From the moment you buy our product until you begin utilizing it, it will be a journey of experiences for you. It’s a brand that guarantees an encounter with our consumers. Our emphasis is on increasing healthy sustainability. We have a vast amount of products for different lifestyles and we have dedicated ‘Innovation Centres’ in India for developing new designs, products and technology to cultivate a comfortable and stylish future. As a result, we will create numerous job opportunities in the process and along with that, we are establishing more ‘Customer Contact Centres’ to reach out to our consumers and more easily assist them with their queries, issues and appreciation.

Our Values

  • We have consistently indulged ourselves in INNOVATION and creative ideas.
  • We are well equipped and our flexible ADAPTABILITY caters for multiple solutions to your current and future needs.
  • We permanently keep up HONESTY and transparency with our consumers and will continue doing so with vital integrity.
  • The TRUSTWORTHINESS was never compromised nor it will ever be.
  • Smart technology is ever-growing, Astrum is fluid and continuously TRENDING.
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Astrum Peripherals
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South Africa
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