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Last updated: November 11, 2023


Creatio is a powerful low-code platform that empowers businesses to streamline processes and accelerate digital transformation. It is located in the United States. With Creatio, organizations can rapidly build custom software solutions and automate workflows to enhance efficiency and drive productivity.


  •  Low-Code Platform: Creatio offers a user-friendly visual interface, enabling even non-technical users to create applications without extensive coding knowledge. This streamlines development and reduces time to market.
  •  Process Automation: The platform allows businesses to automate complex workflows, eliminating manual tasks and improving operational efficiency. Users can design, execute, and monitor processes to ensure seamless operations.
  •  Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Creatio provides comprehensive CRM functionality, enabling businesses to effectively manage customer interactions, track leads, analyze sales data, and deliver personalized customer experiences.
  •  Business Process Management (BPM): Creatio's BPM capabilities enable organizations to map, model, and optimize their processes. Users can easily define process stages, set rules, automate approvals, and monitor performance.
  •  Data Analysis and Reporting: The platform offers robust analytics and reporting features, allowing businesses to gain actionable insights from data. Users can create dashboards, visualize trends, and make data-driven decisions.
  •  Mobile Application Development: Creatio enables the creation of mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users on the go.

Creatio empowers organizations to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation. Its low-code platform, process automation capabilities, CRM functionality, BPM features, data analysis tools, and mobile app development support make it a valuable solution for businesses across industries.

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United Kingdom
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