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Last updated: November 11, 2023

Overview is an online wholesale marketplace that connects independent retailers with unique and curated products from various brands and artisans. Based in the United States, aims to simplify the wholesale buying process and empower small business owners in the retail industry.


  • Wide range of curated products available from diverse brands and artisans.
  • Simplified wholesale buying process for retailers.
  • Access to exclusive products not easily found in traditional retail channels.
  • Efficient and user-friendly platform for retailers to discover and connect with new suppliers.
  • Streamlined order management and logistics support.
  • Insights and trends data to help retailers make informed buying decisions.
  • Wholesale pricing and discounts available to registered retailers.
  • Dedicated customer support to assist retailers throughout their buying journey.

Key benefits for retailers:

  • Increased product selection and variety for their store.
  • Access to unique and niche products to differentiate from competitors.
  • Cost savings through wholesale pricing and discounts.
  • Time-saving by streamlining the buying and ordering process.
  • Opportunity to discover and support independent and local brands. is a valuable platform for retailers seeking to expand their product offerings and build relationships with independent brands. It provides a convenient and efficient way for retailers to source unique and high-quality products for their customers.

Product Categories:   Apparel & Accessories • Sports & Fitness • Pet Supplies • Kids & Babies • Home & Garden
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