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Last updated: November 11, 2023


Integrately is a cloud-based software that specializes in automation. It allows businesses to integrate their applications and easily build automated workflows through simple drag-and-drop tools. Integrately provides millions of pre-built automations, but also offers an automation builder to create custom integrations. The platform has features such as field mapping, test & go live, account management, and organization by folder. Integrately is more cost-effective than its competitors, such as Zapier. It also offers 24/5 customer support and access to a dedicated account manager. Therefore, Integrately is recommended for freelancers, startups, and businesses of all sizes that are looking for an automation tool with a lower price point.

Description: is a powerful automation platform that simplifies and streamlines workflows for individuals and businesses. Located in an unknown country, Integrately enables users to connect different applications and automate tasks without the need for coding knowledge. It offers a wide range of integrations with popular apps such as Gmail, Asana, Shopify, and more.

Some key benefits of Integrately include:

  • Time-saving automation: By automating repetitive tasks, users can save time and focus on more important aspects of their work.
  • Increased productivity: Integrately allows users to streamline their workflows by connecting different apps and automating data transfer and task execution.
  • Customizable automation: Users can create personalized automation sequences by defining triggers and actions according to their specific needs.
  • No coding required: Integrately's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to users with no coding experience.
  • Extensive app library: With a vast library of integrations, Integrately provides flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of popular apps.
  • Error-free automation: Integrately ensures accurate data transfer and eliminates the risk of human error.
  • Cost-effective solution: By automating tasks, users can reduce the need for manual work and potentially save expenses.

Overall, offers a user-friendly automation platform with a wide range of integrations and numerous benefits, providing individuals and businesses with an efficient and effective solution to improve productivity and streamline workflows.

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United Kingdom
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