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Megarom Interactive

South Africa
Last updated: March 26, 2021


For the past 23 years, Megarom Interactive (Pty) Ltd. has proudly been at the forefront of the video game industry in Southern Africa. Founder Philip Court, a visionary in his own right, took a transformative step in July 2001 and the formal company was founded.

Megarom primarily focuses on the distribution of console video games. However, an increasingly growing segment of our business is now in gaming accessories. The growth this segment has shown over the past few years has been positive with year on year growth This includes the sole distribution rights of SteelSeries, Apex and DXRacer, among others.

In 2018, Megarom introduced a merchandise division. We have brought a new experience to the consumer market by offering world-renowned eSports teams’ clothing, memorabilia and other soft goods. This division of the company is growing exponentially and its success has exceeded not only our initial expectations, but also our sales targets. We foresee the merchandise division becoming a large part of our core business in the years to come.

The company’s executive management team is made up of our shareholders, who, through their daily management of the critical aspects of the company, pride themselves on the professional and ethical manner in which they conduct business.

The executive team has over 45 years of combined experience in the gaming industry as well as extensive experience in managing global distribution companies.

Megarom Interactive (Pty) Ltd. will continue to bring the best in gaming to the consumer market going forward. We strive to deliver the ultimate gaming experience – from software to hardware – while maintaining professionalism, excellent service and pride in our products.

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Megarom Interactive
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South Africa
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