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Last updated: February 18, 2021


Discovering a unique power
Since 2005, almost 4 million people around the world have bought a Powerball®. For many of our customers, they were a unique and highly addictive gadget, but what quickly became obvious, was the rehab and strengthening benefits they provided. 

Thousands have received lasting relief from ailments like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Carpal Tunnel and Epicondylitis. Many have quickened their recovery from finger, wrist and arm fractures. Climbers report stronger grip and overall hand strength. Musicians have attested to increased finger and hand dexterity. Golfers and tennis players, both recreational and professional, have reported increased distance and power, thanks to stronger wrists and arms.

The early days...- Some figuring out
Getting the precise grip, hand and arm positions, speeds and durations took a little figuring out. Those who took the time to perfect the correct spin technique saw rapid reductions in pain and significant increases in strength and flexibility. We quickly saw that we needed to find a way to help everyone get these benefits

Development- Finger to shoulder rehabilitation & strengthening for all
So we began working with physios and fitness trainers to closely study and identify the various physical effects and benefits of exercising with Powerball® and Powerspin®, out of which emerged a sequence of highly specific exercises and programmes. 

These were then converted into a series of easy to follow videos to clearly demonstrate each exercise, all made available on our new mobile friendly website, to help everyone access the benefits of these unique and powerful exercisers.

Today- 3 simple steps
If you use your hands or arms for work, sport or play, then Powerball® is for you. If you wish to develop upper body and core strength, then Powerspin® is also for you. 

Simply follow our recommended exercises and physio developed programmes to see measurable differences within days.

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