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Last updated: October 25, 2023


Our History

Wow Stuff was born in 2006, when three founders - Richard North, Kenny McAndrew, and Graeme Taylor - started inventing novelty gifts and gadgets. Their best-selling product was a rather crude (but practical) bathroom towel, which was featured on a British TV sitcom, decorated the interior of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia, and was the star of an indie film called Made in China, starring Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey in a cameo role. The invention was inspired by Graeme and Kenny's experiences sharing an apartment at university with only one bath towel.

Our Present

We bring great brands to life! We partner with licensed brands and work tirelessly to deliver toys that are truly innovative, on-brand, and in-universe.

What We Do

  • We partner with Tier 1 licensed brands.
  • We create innovative platform products and brands of our own, where we can lead on innovation, excitement, and the WOW factor!
  • We bring our own and our partner's brands to life with TV ads and super cool social media marketing. We love it when kids of all ages, from 3 to 83, go "WOW!" when they see our stuff!
  • We make toys suitable for pre-schoolers up to those aged 84 and beyond.

Our Future

We don't believe that play is outdated, but we do believe it needs updating. That's why we're committed to launching more toys soon.

Product Categories:   Kids & Babies • Toys & Hobbies
Brands Stocked: Cocomelon, DC,Disney, HYPR, Jurassic World, Marvel, MEGA PODS, NANO PODS, Peppa Pig, PODS 4D, Popular Science, RealFX, The Graffalo, WEDNESDAY, Wizarding World, WOW PODS
Wow Stuff
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United Kingdom
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