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Ecommerce Holidays & Marketing Calendar

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Reach a wider audience with your ecommerce marketing campaigns with this comprehensive calendar of global holidays. This guide includes a list of all the major global holidays, as well as ideas for promotional campaigns that you can run for them.

Holidays and topical days are some of the best times for your brand and eCommerce store to shine. You can organixe sales, give discounts, spread awareness, take a stand, be funny, and more. Essentially, it’s the time when you can do something to grab the attention of your customers and audiences and use it to accomplish something. This could be sales, awareness, brand loyalty, sending a message, or more.

If you’re wondering what these dates are and how you can capitalise on them, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Let’s jump right in and look at some of the most popular and interesting calendar dates in a year when you, as a brand, can run promotional campaigns and reach your customers in a special way.

If you're looking for more of these holidays, but specifically aimed at the UK and Europe, then checkout the ecommerce calendar for Europe

Need More Ideas for Calendar Based Promotions?
While international days are a great start, you could also consider notable events in history or when famous people were born in the month you wish to promote. Including these, and some of the suggestions below, will help to ensure you have a promotion-packed month with lots of content to choose from.

eCommerce Calendar Dates

Here are a list of ideas for promotional and marketing campaigns to run on your ecommerce store and social media channels to help with your ecommerce holiday planning.


🥂 New Year’s Day

When is it: January 1st

New Year is known for new beginnings and resolutions. However, the “New year, new me” centered around health, fitness, weight-loss etc is a common choice, so try to give a twist on this old classic. Think about new topics your audience might be interested in. For example, you can run some of the following "New Year, New ......" campaigns for your eCommerce store and email marketing.

Help your customers achieve their New Year's resolutions with a sale on products that can help them reach their goals. This could include fitness equipment, healthy foods and snacks, or self-help books. Here are some catchy titles for this campaign:

  • "New Year, New You, New Home" - This campaign could focus on helping people achieve their New Year's resolution to move to a new home or renovate their existing home. You could offer discounts on home goods, furniture, or appliances. You could also partner with real estate agents to offer free consultations or discounts on commissions.
  • "New Year, New Skills" - This campaign could focus on helping people learn new skills or upgrade their existing skills. You could offer discounts on online courses, books, or training programs. You could also partner with local businesses or organizations to offer free workshops or seminars.
  • "New Year, New Adventures" - This campaign could focus on helping people have new adventures in the new year. You could offer discounts on travel packages, outdoor gear, or other products and services that can help people explore new places and experiences.
  • "New Year, New Community" - This campaign could focus on helping people connect with new people and build new relationships. You could offer discounts on events, classes, or workshops that can help people meet new people and make friends. You could also partner with local nonprofits or organizations to promote their events and volunteer opportunities.
  • New Year's Resolution Sale: Save on the Products You Need to Reach Your Goals

These are just a few ideas for product collections and promotional campaigns that you can use to reach your audience for New Year's Day.

When creating your campaign, be sure to focus on the benefits that your products or services can offer your customers. How can you help them achieve their New Year's resolutions and live a better life in the new year?

👓 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (USA)

When is it: January 16th

Not all days are meant to promote sales. Some days can also be leveraged to make a stand. Find out if your brand values connect with what the historical figure stood for. Based on this, create a post appreciating him and tie it back to how you try to follow his steps and imbibe it in serving your audience/customers.

Note: It is important that you don’t trivialise the day or make a comparison that seems tone-deaf. Don’t come off as someone who harps on a trend, but come off as a brand that believes in taking a stand and propagating a message.

Campaign Idea #1. Dream of Unity: Celebrate Diversity and Togetherness

This collection could feature products that promote unity and diversity, such as:

  • Clothing and accessories with messages like "Love" and "Unity"
  • Books about Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement
  • Artwork and home decor that celebrates different cultures

Campaign Idea #2. Honor Dr. King's Legacy: Learn, Reflect, and Act

This promotion could focus on products that help people learn more about Dr. King and his legacy, such as:

  • Books and biographies and documentaries about Dr. King
  • Educational resources for children and adults
  • Products that support organizations that are working to continue Dr. King's work

Campaign Idea #3. Honor Dr. King's Legacy: Learn, Reflect, and Act

This promotion could encourage customers to support organizations that are working to make a difference in their communities, such as:

  • Donating a portion of proceeds from sales to a local charity
  • Offering discounts on products that can be used to help others (e.g., food, clothing, school supplies)
  • Partnering with local organisations to host events or donate products

👫 Get to Know Your Customers Day

When is it: January 19th

This is an interesting day that happens multiple times throughout the year. You can use this day to host challenges across social media channels. Following are a few ideas:

  • #TweetYourThoughts: Ask your customers what can be improved in the brand. The best suggestions will be turned into actions, and the person can either get due credit or some form of discount/compensation for the suggestion.
  • #AskMeAnything: Go on Instagram and encourage your customers to ask you questions. This can range from how your company works to what they want. The concept is similar to the previous one.
  • Customer Spotlight - This campaign could feature customer stories, reviews, and testimonials on your website and social media. This would be a great way to show potential customers that you value your existing customers and that you're committed to providing a great experience.

Ultimately, your campaign must make the customers feel heard and seen.


🏈 Super Bowl

When is it: Second Sunday of February

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the USA. You can organise a full-fledged campaign across social media channels about a competition around the game. This could involve guessing which team would win, which players would score, which would score the next point, and more. Consider this a mini online league you host on your eCommerce store. Try to "gamify" these ideas to get your customers engaged.

Campaign Idea: Super Bowl Party

This collection could feature products from different countries that are popular for the Super Bowl, such as:

  • Food and beverages from popular Super Bowl party countries, such as nachos from the USA, wings from Canada, and pizza from Italy
  • Clothing and accessories in team colors
  • Decorative items that represent different teams, such as flags and banners

To gamify the campaign, you could offer customers a chance to win prizes for participating in activities such as:

  • Sharing photos of their Super Bowl parties on social media, and the best one wins a prize
  • Predicting the game score or winner
  • Completing a Super Bowl trivia quiz

💖 Valentine’s Day

When is it: February 14th

Gifting is one of the popular love languages of people. On this special day, you can host 1+1 offers on your eCommerce store. This would drive couples to buy from your store, and the store would gain more traction.

Campaign Idea #1. Global Valentine's Day Gift Guide

This collection could feature products from different countries that are popular for Valentine's Day, such as:

  • Traditional Valentine's Day gifts from around the world, such as chocolates from Belgium, flowers from the Netherlands, and jewelry from Italy. Bonus points for picking your lover's favourite holiday country, or one for an upcoming holiday.
  • Unique and unusual Valentine's Day gifts, such as handmade crafts from developing countries or food and wine from exotic locations.
  • Personalized gifts that can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

To make the collection more engaging, you could write short descriptions about the cultural significance of each gift and how it can be used to celebrate Valentine's Day in a unique and memorable way.

Campaign Idea #2. Valentine's Day Love Language Challenge

This campaign could encourage customers to learn more about the five love languages and how to express their love to their partner in a way that they will appreciate. You could provide them with resources and tips, and then offer prizes for completing challenges such as:

  • Writing a love letter in their partner's love language
  • Giving their partner a gift that is specifically tailored to their love language
  • Planning a Valentine's Day date that is based on their partner's love language

🏛 President’s Day

When is it: February 20th

The President’s Day is to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s and George Washington’s birthdays. But this doesn't have to be only a "US President's Day" celebration, you could honour your own country's president or those of your customers. You could create limited edition merchandise that honours them or celebrate what they stood for through a simple social media post.

Campaign Idea: Presidents' Day Global Peacemakers Collection

This collection could feature products from different countries that promote peace and unity, such as:

  • Books about peacemakers and peacebuilding
  • Artwork and home decor that celebrate diversity and inclusion
  • Clothing and accessories with messages like "Peace" and "Love"
  • A portion of the proceeds from sales could be donated to organizations that are working to promote peace and justice around the world.


💋 International Women’s Day

When is it: March 8th

International Women's Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It is a day to reflect on the progress that has been made in the fight for gender equality, and to recommit to creating a world where all women and girls have the same opportunities as men and boys.

Women are so great in many ways. They are mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, friends, colleagues, and leaders. They are the backbone of our society, and they play a vital role in all aspects of our lives.

International Women's Day is an opportunity for you as e-commerce store owner to celebrate the women in their lives and to create sales campaigns, or just as an opportunity to show appreciation.

  • "Women Who Matter Most" - this campaign would focus on all the most important women in your customers' life like their spouses, moms, sisters, grandmothers teachers and more.
  • Leading Ladies: Professional Tools for Ambitious Women" - This campaign focuses on professional women and entrepreneurs, offering a curated selection of products that support their career aspirations. From stylish office supplies and productivity tools to business books and tech gadgets, this collection empowers women to thrive in their professional endeavors.
  • "Wellness Warriors: Self-Care Essentials for the Women We Admire" - Showcasing a variety of self-care products, this campaign aims to honour the women who prioritize their well-being. From luxurious bath and body products to mindfulness tools and fitness accessories, this collection offers thoughtful gifts that promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall wellness.

💚 St. Patrick’s Day

When is it: March 17th

St. Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on March 17th each year. It originated as a feast day honoring the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Today, it has evolved into an international celebration of Irish culture and heritage. St. Patrick's Day presents a fantastic opportunity for e-commerce sellers to run promotions and engage with customers.

By aligning their campaigns with St. Patrick's Day, sellers can tap into the festive spirit and capture the attention of a global audience interested in Irish culture. The holiday provides a unique chance to market products and services creatively. E-commerce sellers can paint the town green by adding festive decorations and incorporating St. Patrick's Day elements into their branding.

  1. "Green & Gold Sale" - Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style with our "Green & Gold Sale." Get ready to dress up in vibrant green and shimmering gold to join the festivities. Explore our wide selection of apparel, accessories, and home decor items in these iconic colors. Whether it's for attending parades, parties, or simply spreading the luck of the Irish, this collection has something for everyone. Don't miss out on these amazing deals and dress to impress this St. Patrick's Day!
  2. "Irish Delights Collection" - Indulge in the flavors of Ireland with our "Irish Delights Collection." From traditional Irish whiskey to delectable Irish cream chocolates, this collection is a treat for the taste buds. Discover a range of authentic Irish food and beverages that will transport your customers to the Emerald Isle. Whether they're hosting their own St. Patrick's Day celebration or looking for a unique gift, our Irish Delights Collection is the perfect choice. Product Examples: Irish whiskey, Irish cream chocolates, soda bread mix, Irish tea.
  3. "Lucky Charms Collection" - Embrace the spirit of St. Patrick's Day with our exclusive "Lucky Charms Collection." Discover a wide range of products inspired by Irish culture and folklore. From lucky four-leaf clover jewelry to leprechaun-themed apparel, this collection will bring good fortune and a touch of magic to your customers' lives.

💝 Mother’s Day (March 19)

When is it: March 19th

Mother’s Day is quite an important and emotional holiday for people. You could delve into different insights around mother-child relationships and create campaigns around them.

For instance, mothers are the epitome of safety, warmth, and unconditional love. You could offer discounts on products your mothers would wear/use that give them the same feeling.

  1. "Pamper Mom with Luxurious Beauty Essentials" - This collection features a curated selection of high-end beauty products that will make any mom feel like a queen. From indulgent skincare to exquisite fragrances, these luxurious items are the perfect way to show appreciation for all the love and care she provides.
  2. "Gifts that Sparkle: Jewelry for Mom" - This collection showcases an array of elegant jewelry pieces that will make any mom feel cherished and loved. From delicate necklaces to stunning earrings, these timeless pieces are designed to add a touch of sparkle to her special day and beyond.
  3. Share Your Mom's Love Story" In this campaign, your customers are invited to share their heartfelt stories about their moms on social media using a specific hashtag. The most touching and inspiring stories will be featured on your website and social media channels, creating a sense of community and celebrating the love between mothers and their children.


🤡 April Fool’s Day

When is it: April 1st

April 1st is the best time to play pranks on your customers and audience. Bait them with a too-good-to-be-true offer and get them to a page where they realize they have been fooled. To spice things up a bit, you could have an anti-sale campaign on your social channels and eCommerce store.

As example, there is a kitchen and homewares brand in South Africa called Yuppiechef that ran an elaborate April Fool's campaign centered around them now offering "Chopper Deliveries" for their customer orders. They created a chopper deliveries YouTube video and built hype around the campaign on their social media. All completely tongue-in-cheek, but it's a great example of just how much fun you can have with this ecommerce holiday campaign centered around April Fool's day.

  • "Foolproof Deals: Unbelievable Offers for April Fool's Day!" - This campaign can feature a collection of discounted products with humorous twists or unexpected surprises. Global sellers can promote this campaign across various channels, including email campaigns, newsletters, and social media, enticing customers to take advantage of the limited-time offers.
  • "Prank Yourself: Discover Curious Collections this April Fool's Day!" - This campaign can showcase a selection of quirky and unconventional products that align with the spirit of April Fool's Day. Global sellers can create engaging content, such as blog posts or social media videos, demonstrating how customers can use these unique items for pranks or playful activities.

🐣 Easter

When is it: Easter usually falls between March 22 and April 25

Easter sales are a tradition retailers and eCommerce store owners follow. But instead of just giving a simple offer, you can make it more interactive. Your email newsletters or store UI can have easter eggs, and people can tap or click them to break them. A few lucky winners can get rewards through free items, discounts, and more.

Easter Eggstravaganza!

This Easter egg hunt promotional campaign is designed to increase traffic to your e-commerce website and boost sales during the Easter season. The campaign will center around a virtual Easter egg hunt that customers can participate in to win prizes.

The basic idea:

  • Create a dedicated Easter egg hunt landing page on your website.
  • Hide Easter eggs throughout your website, including on product pages, blog posts, and social media.
  • Customers can find the Easter eggs by clicking on them.
  • When a customer finds an Easter egg, they will be taken to a pop-up where they can enter their email address to participate in the egg hunt.
  • Customers can collect as many Easter eggs as they want.
  • At the end of the egg hunt, customers with the most Easter eggs will win prizes.

Make sure that the Easter eggs are easy to find, but not too easy. You want to give customers a challenge, but you also want them to be able to participate and win prizes.

🍂Earth Day

When is it: April 22nd

Earth Day is for spreading awareness about our planet and how we need to conserve resources for the planet to thrive. On this day, you could use the following to inspire some ideas for an ecommerce marketing campaign:

  1. "Heal Earth!" This campaign can be launched to promote regenerative organic agriculture and sustainability. It can include educational events, promotions, product giveaways, and social media campaigns. The campaign can feature eco-friendly products such as liquid soap, coconut oil, hand hygiene spray, and Sal Suds, made from natural ingredients. The title "Heal Earth!" can be used across various marketing channels to attract a global audience and generate excitement for environmentally friendly products and promotions.
  2. "Green Home" This collection can include eco-friendly home decor and household items made from natural and sustainable materials. To attract a global audience, the collection can be marketed through visually appealing images on social media, email campaigns, and newsletters. Exclusive discounts can be offered for a limited time. The catchy title "Green Home" can be used across various marketing channels to generate excitement for sustainable home decor and household items


👩‍👦 Brothers and Sisters Day

When is it: May 2nd

Brothers and sisters can always avail 1+1 offers on different products from your store. Alternatively, you can create matching merchandise that brothers and sisters can wear/use together. This could be t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and more.

  • Sibling Love - This collection would feature a variety of products that are perfect for siblings to give to each other, such as: Matching clothing, accessories, or jewelry. Personalized gifts, such as mugs, t-shirts, or picture frames with photos of the two siblings. Shared interests or hobbies, such as books, games, or sports equipment
  • Buy One for Yourself, Get 20% Off One for Your Sibling! - This campaign would offer special discounts to customers who purchase products from the Sibling Love Collection for their siblings

😁 National Smile Day (US)

When is it: May 31st

On this day, you could host clearance sales for different people. But you don’t do just that, spread joy. You announce that all the money made from sales on this day would go to a non-profit organization. These organizations could work on empowering women, uplifting kids, or more. This way, you spread a smile not just to customers but those who might not be as privileged.

  • Smile Bright - this collection and campaign would feature a variety of products that help people smile brighter and healthier, such as:
    • Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other oral hygiene products
    • Teeth whitening products
    • Braces and other cosmetic dental products
    • Lip products, such as lipsticks and glosses


🚩American Flag Day (US)

When is it: June 14th

This day poses another opportunity for brands to create limited-edition merchandise celebrating the patriotism toward the country. Alternatively, you can also host interactive activities such as hosting quizzes or sharing lesser-known facts about the flag. These activities could result in rewards or engagement activities that do not propagate consumerism.

Show Your American Pride on Flag Day with Our Special Collection

This collection would feature a variety of products that are perfect for celebrating American Flag Day, such as:

  • American flags of all sizes and styles
  • Clothing and accessories with American flag motifs
  • Home décor items with American flag designs
  • Food and beverage items that are popular in the United States

🧔 Father’s Day

When is it: June 18th

Having run a men's products and online gifts store for 14 years, Father's Day was always a big event on the marketing calendar. Men are notoriously tricky to buy gifts for so it's no surprise how many people need help when choosing gifts for their dads, especially women. Help them with this problem by putting together some themed collections that are thoughtful and a little unusual.

Below are 2 interesting campaign ideas you could consider:

#1. Cute and Quirky Pet Names for Your Dad

One of the most successful Father's Day campaigns I ran was centered around "cute and unusual pet names" people have for their dads. We asked our customers on social media (and in email campaigns) for all the weird and wonderful names they (and their family) had given to their beloved dads. The best ones won a Father's Day bundle packed full of goodies that any dad would love. This is something you could try too. It not only drives engagement, but also interest in your brand, and products.

#2. Funny Things Dads Say

Dad's are naturally quirky and funny. There's an entire genre of jokes dedicated to them. Tap into this as an idea for a campaign where (on social media) you ask your customers to comment on all the funny sayings their dads have, then pick the best one to win a prize or a gift set from your store.

Product Collection ideas for Dads:

  • Dad themed gift sets
  • BBQ-ing and cooking
  • Sports and hobbies
  • Whiskey and wine
  • Personalised Dad gifts
  • Gift experiences
  • Subscription boxes
  • Rare and vintage items
  • Handmade items

📸 National Selfie Day

When is it: June 21st

Speaking of pictures, National Selfie Day is a good day to engage the users. You can ask your customers or audience members to post pictures of themselves while doing an activity that’s related to the products/services you sell in the store.

#1. Your Selfie Game is About to Get Stronger - this collection would help people look more stylish in their selfies with your products.

  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Jewelry
  • Clothes
  • Makeup
  • Accessories

#2. Selfies that Slay: The Ultimate Selfie Style Collection

This collection would feature products that help people take better selfies, such as:

  • Selfie lights: These lights can help to brighten up selfies and reduce shadows, resulting in more flattering photos.
  • Selfie sticks: Selfie sticks allow people to extend their reach and take selfies from different angles.
  • Tripods: Tripods can help to keep phones steady, resulting in sharper selfies.
  • Ring lights: Ring lights provide even lighting for selfies, which can help to reduce blemishes and create a more polished look.
  • Phone cases: Phone cases with built-in selfie mirrors or lights can make it easier to take selfies on the go.

These promotional campaigns could focus on selling products that help people take their best selfies. You could even take it a step further by providing tutorial videos, tips and tricks, to taking the best selfie.

Selfie Contest - Encourage your audience to submit their best selfies to your website or social media pages. You can then choose a winner to receive a prize, such as a gift certificate to your store or a free product from your "selfie collection".


🌐 Independence Day

When is it: July 4th

Sometimes, we must stick to age-old traditions. Host a “freedom sale” for your customers and add a tiny dose of happiness to their lives with your products/services.

Red, White, and Blue Around the World

This collection would feature products from different countries that are red, white, and blue, the colors of the American flag. This could include clothing, accessories, home décor, and more.

Product Collection:

  • American and international patriotic products: Flags, bunting, streamers, clothing, hats, and other accessories in red, white, and blue, as well as flags and other patriotic items from other countries.
  • Summer essentials: Grills, lawn chairs, coolers, sunscreen, sunglasses, and other items that people use to enjoy the outdoors during the summer.
  • Gifts for family and friends: Apparel, home décor, electronics, and other items that people can give to their loved ones on Independence Day or any other summer holiday.

🥰 World Emoji Day

When is it: July 17th

People love emojis for a number of reasons. First, they're a great way to convey emotions and tone in text-based communication. When you can't see someone's face or hear their voice, it can be difficult to know how they're feeling or what they mean by their words. Emojis help to bridge this gap by providing visual cues that can help us to understand the meaning and intent of our communication.

Second, emojis are a great way to add personality and flair to our messages. They can help us to show off our sense of humor, our creativity, and our unique style. Emojis can also be used to create a sense of community and connection with others. When we share emojis with friends and family, it's like we're sharing a secret language that only we understand.

Emoji Explosion

A collection of products featuring all the most popular emojis, from classics like the smiling face and heart to newer ones like the avocado and llama. This collection is perfect for global sellers, as it includes emojis that are popular in different cultures around the world.

This product collection could feature a variety of emoji-themed products from different countries and cultures, such as:

  • Clothing and accessories: T-shirts, hats, socks, jewelry, etc.
  • Home decor: Pillows, blankets, mugs, wall art, etc.
  • Tech accessories: Phone cases, laptop sleeves, USB drives, etc.
  • Food and drinks: Candy, snacks, drinks, etc.


😴 National Lazy Day

When is it: August 10th

Although being lazy is not encouraged, nothing wrong can happen if your customers can laze for just one day. The “Lazy Sale” can be for all your customers. You encourage them to laze on their couches or beds and shop from the comfort of their homes.

Permission to be Lazy: National Lazy Day Essentials

This collection would include all the products that people need to have a wonderfully lazy day, such as comfy pajamas, slippers, cozy blankets, eye masks, and snacks. You could also include products that help people relax, such as essential oils, candles, and bath bombs.


  • PJs and loungewear
  • Slippers and socks
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Bedding
  • Weighted blankets
  • Eye masks
  • Neck pillows
  • Bath bombs and bubble bath
  • Spa products
  • Self-care items (face masks, candles, etc.)
  • Food delivery gift certificates
  • Streaming service gift subscriptions
  • Video game gift cards

🌻 National Non-Profit Day

When is it: August 17th

National Non-Profit Day is a great time to celebrate the amazing work that non-profit organizations do around the world. It is also a great time to support these organizations by purchasing products from their cause-related collections.

Here are a few ideas for product collections and campaigns that you can create for National Non-Profit Day:

  • Cause-related collection: Create a collection of products that are specifically designed to support a non-profit organization. For example, you could create a collection of t-shirts with the non-profit's logo on them, or a collection of jewelry with proceeds going to the non-profit.
  • Double donation campaign: On National Non-Profit Day, offer to double donate a portion of your sales to a non-profit organization. This is a great way to encourage your customers to shop with you on this special day.
  • Free shipping on cause-related products: Offer free shipping on all cause-related products on National Non-Profit Day. This is a great way to make it easier for your customers to support the non-profit organizations that they care about.
  • Social Impact: This collection features products from brands that are committed to making a positive impact on the world.
  • Locally Made: This collection features products that are made by local artisans and businesses.


🛫World Tourism Day

When is it: September 27th

In September, your eCommerce store could celebrate the spirit of traveling. While not all stores would be around travel, you can position your brands to create content for this day. For instance, if you sell water bottles, you can showcase how people carry one bottle to different places. You can portray the escapades of a water bottle and give your take on travel.

Discover the World, One Destination at a Time

This collection and campaign would focus on promoting specific travel destinations around the world. It could include a variety of products from each destination, such as souvenirs, clothing, food, and drinks. The campaign could also feature travel tips and guides for each destination.

Product Collection:

  • Global Souvenirs: A collection of souvenirs from around the world, perfect for travelers and collectors alike. This collection could include items such as traditional clothing, handicrafts, and artwork from different cultures.
  • Worldly Wonders: A collection of products that celebrate the natural and cultural beauty of the world. This collection could include items such as travel guides, photography books, and home decor inspired by different destinations.

🤑 The Money Quarter

Well done for making it this far. We're into the fourth quarter of the year. The fourth quarter is widely considered the "money quarter" and due to the high number of holidays and gifting occasions it's the perfect opportunity to double-down on your campaigns and promotions.

  • Shopping mindset: Consumers are in the mindset to shop during the last quarter of the year. They are thinking about the holidays and all the gifts they need to buy. This makes them more likely to be open to promotional offers and marketing messages.
  • Increased conversion rates: Conversion rates typically increase during the last quarter of the year. This is because consumers are more motivated to buy during this time of year. According to a study by Statista, the average conversion rate for e-commerce stores in the United States was 2.59% in 2022. However, during the holiday season, conversion rates can reach up to 5% or higher.
  • Increased spending: Consumers tend to spend more money during the last quarter of the year. This is because they are buying gifts for the holidays and other special occasions. It's also a popular time when employee bonuses are given. According to a study by the National Retail Federation, total holiday spending in the United States reached $861.12 billion in 2022. This is up from $805.61 billion in 2021.
  • Brand awareness: E-commerce stores can use the last quarter of the year to increase brand awareness. By running promotions and marketing campaigns, they can reach a large number of potential customers and introduce them to their brand.
  • Customer loyalty: E-commerce stores can also use the last quarter of the year to increase customer loyalty. By offering discounts, free shipping, and other incentives, they can encourage customers to shop with them again and again.
  • Repeat business: The last quarter of the year is a great time to generate repeat business. By offering excellent customer service and a positive shopping experience, e-commerce stores can encourage customers to come back and shop with them again in the future.
  • New customer acquisition: The last quarter of the year is also a great time to acquire new customers. By running promotions and marketing campaigns, e-commerce stores can reach a large number of potential customers and convert them into paying customers.
  • Leverage your insight from the past year: the last quarter is the perfect opportunity to craft unique campaigns from all the insight gathered about your customers during the year and the previous year's campaigns. Ask yourself things like: what worked well, what should I double-down on, and what should I avoid this time around.


👩‍🏫 World Teacher’s Day

When is it: October 5th

Teachers are more than just educators; they are mentors, role models, and confidants. They spend countless hours preparing lessons, grading papers, and providing extra help to students who need it. They also go above and beyond to create a safe and supportive learning environment for their students.

Celebrate this day with your customers and followers by showing your appreciation for these vitally important people in our society.

Additionally, if you want to engage with your audience in a slightly more unusual way, you could ask your customers and followers on social channels to mention 1 thing they learned from their teachers. A few lucky winners would then receive a prize.

#1. World Teacher's Day Gift Guide - This product collection would feature a variety of gifts that are perfect for teachers, such as personalized mugs, gift baskets, and classroom supplies. The collection could be organized by price point, subject area, or grade level.

#2. Teachers Around the World - This collection would feature products that are relevant to teachers of all subjects and grade levels, from all over the world.

Products could include:

  • Personalised or teacher themed gifts such as mugs, pens, pencils, water bottles, tote bags, lesson plan books, classroom supplies, educational games and puzzles, books, and more
  • Classroom supplies, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, and markers
  • Educational resources, such as books, maps, and globes
  • Technology products, such as tablets, laptops, and projectors
  • Gift cards to teacher supply stores or online retailers

💼 Boss’s Day

When is it: October 16th

Boss’s Day is a fun day to let your customers and audience members in on your little secrets. You can create videos about how you strategize plans for the store, how you curate products, and essentially what goes on behind the scenes. You can also try to highlight relatable moments, such as how the bosses react while employees handle customer complaints, how the interns sometimes make silly mistakes, how the water cooler conversations happen, and more. The content can eventually lead to building a better connection with the audience.

Below are some ideas for gift collections:

  • Boss Up Bundle - A curated collection of products to help your boss level up their productivity, creativity, and overall well-being. This bundle could include a variety of items, such as a new laptop, a coffee maker, a comfortable desk chair, and a book on leadership or management.
  • Boss's Day Gift Guide - A one-stop shop for all your Boss's Day gift needs. This collection could feature a variety of products, such as personalized gifts, office supplies, and gift baskets.
  • Global Boss Favs - A collection of products that are popular with bosses all over the world. This collection could include items such as executive pens, coffee mugs, and travel accessories.

🎃 Halloween

When is it: October 31st

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31st in many countries around the world. It is a time for people to dress up in costumes, go trick-or-treating, and celebrate the spooky and supernatural.

Halloween is a great opportunity for e-commerce stores to boost sales for a number of reasons:

  • High demand for Halloween-themed products: During the Halloween season, there is a high demand for a variety of Halloween-themed products, such as costumes, decorations, candy, and party supplies. E-commerce stores that sell these types of products can capitalize on this demand and generate significant sales.
  • Large and diverse customer base: Halloween is a holiday that is celebrated by people of all ages and backgrounds. This means that e-commerce stores that sell Halloween-themed products have the potential to reach a large and diverse customer base.
  • Opportunity to get creative: Halloween is a time for people to be creative and express themselves. E-commerce stores can take advantage of this by offering unique and creative Halloween products and promotions.

Here are some ideas for campaigns to run around this holiday.

#1. Create a Halloween-themed scavenger hunt.

This is a fun and engaging way to promote your business and get people involved in your community. Hide clues around your town or city, and encourage people to follow the clues to find your business. Once they find your business, they can claim a prize.

To make this campaign even more interesting, you could partner with other businesses in your community to create a scavenger hunt that leads to all of the participating businesses. You could also offer a grand prize to the person who completes the scavenger hunt first.

#2. Launch a "Halloween Photo Contest"

This is a great way to encourage your audience to engage with your brand on social media. Ask people to submit photos of themselves in their Halloween costumes, and then choose a winner to receive a prize.

#3. Halloween-themed social media challenge.

This could be anything from a costume contest to a pumpkin carving competition to a spooky trivia challenge. Encourage participants to share their photos and videos using your branded hashtag, and offer a prize to the winner. This is a great way to generate excitement and engagement around your brand, and it's also a great way to collect user-generated content that you can use in your marketing materials.

To make this campaign even more interesting, you could partner with other businesses in your community to offer a prize package that includes products and services from all of the participating businesses.

Product Collections:

  • Halloween Spooktacular - A curated collection of the hottest Halloween costumes, decorations, and party supplies.
  • Global Halloween Treats - A collection of Halloween candy and snacks from all over the world.
  • Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family - A collection of Halloween costumes for men, women, children, and even pets.


👨 International Men’s Day

When is it: November 19th

Men’s Day can be a good time to have offers on all men’s products. You can even use the day and your social media presence to further important conversations around men, such as their mental health, their need for a safe space for their emotions, and more.

Here are a few ideas for product collections and promotional campaigns that you can use to celebrate International Men's Day:

#1. Sharp & Dapper: Men's Grooming Essentials for International Men's Day

This product collection would feature a variety of essential grooming products for men, such as beard oil, shaving cream, aftershave, and cologne. You could also include other products that are popular with men, such as hair styling products, body wash, and deodorant.

#2. Suit Up for International Men's Day: Buy One, Get One 50% Off Men's Clothing

This promotional campaign would offer a discount on men's clothing, such as suits, shirts, pants, and shoes. This is a great way to encourage men to update their wardrobes for the new season or to purchase a special outfit for a holiday event.

#3. Get Fit for International Men's Day: Men's Health and Fitness Products

This product collection would feature a variety of products that help men to stay healthy and fit, such as workout clothes, protein powder, and fitness supplements. You could also include products that are designed to address common men's health concerns, such as hair loss or prostate health.

🦃 Thanksgiving

When is it: October 5th

Thanksgiving sale is one of the biggest sales of the year in America. While you do offer the sales, ensure your campaigns captivate the audience with something that your competitors don’t have or do. This could be an intriguing insight into the holiday or could be an offbeat take on the whole concept.

#1. Gobble Gobble: Thanksgiving Feast Essentials for Global Shoppers

This product collection would feature a variety of foods and ingredients that are popular for Thanksgiving meals around the world. This could include items such as turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. You could also include items that are popular in specific countries, such as mince pies in the UK or panettone in Italy.

#2. Give Thanks for Free Shipping on All Thanksgiving Orders Over XX

This promotional campaign would offer free shipping on all Thanksgiving orders over a certain amount. This is a great way to encourage customers to shop with your brand for their Thanksgiving needs

#3. Show Your Gratitude with Thanksgiving Gifts for the Whole Family

This product collection would feature a variety of gift ideas for men, women, and children. This could include items such as clothing, accessories, home décor, and toys.

🖤 Black Friday / Cyber Monday

When is it: November 24th / Monday 27th

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the year for e-commerce stores. It's your chance to take an average month's worth of sales in a single weekend. You should expect a significant increase in traffic and sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Conversion rates will double (even triple). However, bear in mind that this could also mean an increase in customer support inquiries.

Customers are expecting discounts upward of 30-50%.

What products to offer?

  • High-margin products: in addition to your usual bestsellers your high-margin products have the most wiggle room when it comes to discounts so these can become attractive to buyers.
  • Clearance stock: have you been sitting on stock all year that you just can't shift? Discount them to the max and take this as an opportunity to clear out old stock and free up frozen capital.
  • Loss leaders: you can expect order quantities to increase over this weekend so consider some loss leader products to get buyers to take that first step and starting to add products to their cart.
  • Bundle in your slow sellers: this is a great tactic to clear out slower selling stock by offering them as cross-sell products at a big discount. The benefit is that it will increase the perceived value of the basket for your customers and they will get a great deal, plus you can sell some of your slower lines in the process.
  • Consider a Black Friday themed box set or collection: if you're able to put some custom sets together around a theme (i.e. black jewelry, black shoes, cyber tech electroncis and accessories etc) that only become available during this period, it can be marketed as "limited edition".
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday mystery box: Create mystery boxes filled with discounted products. Customers won't know what's in the box until they open it, which adds an element of excitement and anticipation.
  • Cyber Monday is great for gadgets, tech-related items and accessories and especially software if you're a SAAs or app.

Best practices for marketing Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  • Start planning early: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big events, so it is important to start planning your marketing campaigns early. This will give you plenty of time to develop effective campaigns and to create the necessary marketing materials. Consider the lead times for inventory and start ordering in August/September when shipping by sea and within 40-60 days when ordering by air freight. Remember that all ecommerce businesses are stocking up for the season, your suppliers are going to be swamped, logistics services will be stretched to capacity too, so delays are to be expected.
  • Offer deep discounts and promotions: Customers expect to find deep discounts and promotions on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Be sure to offer discounts on a wide range of products, including both popular and less popular items.
  • Limited Offers and Urgency: use urgency as a motivator to buy. This can be done through messages like "this Black Friday weekend only" or using countdown timers to show "only 4 hours left at this price".
    • Tap into their FOMO (fear of missing out) by installing social proof plugins on your store to display messages that create a sense of urgency. For example: "50 other people in {city] are viewing this item" or "Kelly from {city] just bought this awesome {product_name}". Apps like FOMO allow you to integrate this with ease.
  • Make it easy for customers to shop: Make sure that your website is easy to navigate and that your checkout process is quick and efficient. You should also offer a variety of shipping options so that customers can choose the one that best meets their needs.
  • Be prepared for increased traffic: Make sure that your website and servers can handle the increased traffic that you are likely to experience on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You should also have a plan in place to deal with customer support inquiries.
Something to Avoid on Black Friday
Something I frequently see is stores will increase prices of their products in the weeks leading up to Black Friday to "artificially inflate" the discounts seen. This might work for your new customers but has the potential to backfire and could be seen as an underhanded tactic by your existing customers who have been loyal throughout the year. 


National Free Shipping Day

When is it: December 14

A recent study by Baymard Institute found that 69.8% of online shopping carts are abandoned, with shipping costs being one of the main reasons for abandonment. Buyers see this as an unnecessary cost that they shouldn't have to pay for.

Free Shipping Day is an annual event that takes place in the United States (and is gaining in popularity worldwide) on the second Tuesday in December. It is a day when many e-commerce retailers offer free shipping on all orders, regardless of the order amount. This makes it a great day for buyers to stock up on holiday gifts or to get a head start on their new year shopping.

While you might take a knock on the shipping cost per order, you'll notice that conversion rates will soar and buyers will add 2-3x more items to their carts to take advantage of this opportunity. However you could also only offer free shipping on certain products to ensure you have enough profit margin to cover the shipping cost when those items are bought.

Panic Saturday

When is it: Last Saturday before Christmas

Panic Saturday is when people rush to buy gifts for their loved ones. The name is derived from the fact that it’s the last minute, and people are running helter-skelter to get gifts for their friends and family.

This promotional campaign shoulder offer guaranteed delivery by Christmas on all orders placed before a certain time. Try your best to ensure you live up to this promise, because if not, you may have some seriously annoyed customers who will have to go out and buy a 2nd batch of gifts and then also return yours for a refund.

Christmas Day (December 25)

When is it: December 25th

Christmas Day is one of the most important holidays celebrated around the world. It is a time for families and friends to come together and celebrate. For ecommerce stores, Christmas Day is a great opportunity to create targeted campaigns and promotions that appeal to everyone.

By focusing on the universal themes of Christmas, such as giving, joy, and family, you can create campaigns that resonate with customers from all walks of life.

Christmas is seen as a time of "giving" so why do the same by giving free gifts or free delivery with your customers' orders.

Here are a few ideas for product collections and promotional campaigns that you can use to celebrate Christmas Day:

#1. Merry Christmas: Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List, Delivered to Your Door - This product collection would feature a variety of gift ideas for men, women, and children. You could include items from different categories, such as clothing, electronics, home décor, and more. You could also include items that are popular with global customers.

#2 Celebrate Christmas with 10% Off All Orders Placed Before December 23rd

This promotional campaign would offer a discount on all Christmas orders placed before a certain date. This is a great way to encourage customers to shop early for Christmas and to save money on their orders.

#3. Ho Ho Ho: Christmas Stocking Stuffers for the Whole Family

Stocking stuffers are a great way to drive interest in your collections for the reason that the price point for these items will be lower than your other products, so they will immediately attract buyers. Make them unusual and unique and there's a good chance that your other collections will be explored too.

Below are some ideas for unique stocking stuffer gift collections:

  • Personalised gifts: People love personalized gifts, so consider offering a variety of customizable items, such as mugs, ornaments, jewelry, and phone cases.
  • Handmade: Handmade items are also popular, as they show extra thought and effort. Consider offering a selection of homemade candy, baked goods, or crafts.
  • Sustainability: Eco-conscious buyers will appreciate sustainable and eco-friendly stocking stuffers, such as reusable water bottles, bamboo toothbrushes, and compostable phone cases.
  • Uniqueness: If you're looking for something truly unique, consider offering quirky items, such as novelty items, gag gifts, or puzzles and brain teasers.
  • Experiences: Instead of physical gifts, consider offering experiences, such as tickets to a concert or sporting event, gift certificates to restaurants or spas, or classes and workshops.

There you have it, a full year worth of holidays and commemorative days to run your ecommerce campaigns around. I hope these will give you some ideas and inspiration for promotions to add to your own marketing calendar.

Written by:
James Mew
Selljam Founder | Head of eCommerce

With 18 years of experience in the eCommerce industry, I have successfully launched and grown multiple e-commerce businesses, the 2nd one hit 7-figures in revenue within its first year. In 2022, I joined a European food technology equipment and IT service provider as their Head of E-commerce, overseeing 14 eshops across Europe and South Africa. Selljam is where I share all those ecommerce tips, tricks and hacks learned along the way that I hope will also help you on your journey to success. 

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