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Ecommerce Holidays & Marketing Calendar for Europe

Plan your ecommerce marketing calendar with this comprehensive calendar of European ecommerce holidays. This guide includes a list of all the major European holidays, as well as ideas for promotional campaigns.

Ecommerce holiday readiness should be an important step in your store's marketing plan and works especially well for email campaigns. The holidays in Europe are a time when ecommerce stores swarm with customers as they browse websites for offers and discounts. While global holidays will always be something you can capitalise on, there are certain interesting days specific to Europe your store can have some fun with.

eCommerce Retail Calendar for Europe

Here are a list of ideas for promotional and marketing campaigns to run on your ecommerce store and help with your ecommerce holiday planning.

🥂 New Year’s Day

When is it: January 1st

The beginning of a new year does call for a celebration. Whether it’s gifting something to your loved ones or getting something to fulfill your New Year's resolution, you can have discounts for people to celebrate and indulge a little. Besides this, you can always have a tongue-in-cheek campaign where you address the stereotypes, too.

  • Ring in the New Year with Our Party Favors and Decorations Collection
  • Start the New Year Off Right with Our New Year's Resolution Essentials - this is a great campaign for fitness and health related collections. The New Year is the perfect time when most people are creating their new year's resolutions and looking for a "new start" on things, or to break bad habits. Here are a few collections to consider.
    • Fitness and health collections (active wear, health supplements)
    • Journals and notepads (for the writers)
    • New hobbies
    • Breaking bad habits
  • Make a Fresh Start in the New Year with Our Home Organisation Collection

💖 Valentine’s Day

When is it: February 14th

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for couples and those in new relationships to go through your eCommerce store. However, instead of just offering sales, you can take multiple angles to run a campaign. These can be:

Breaking the norms when it comes to relationships, below are some examples of collections and campaigns to run.

  • Romantic Gifts for Introverts - Example: Valentine's Day Gifts for Introverts: Cosy Up and Share Love in the Comfort of Your Own Home.
  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Sports Fans - Score Big This Valentine's Day with Gifts for Sports Fans
  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Tech Lovers - Gifts for Tech Lovers: Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Sweep Them Off Their Feet.
  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Bookworms - Gifts for Bookworms: Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Make Them Turn the Page.
  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Foodies - Gifts for Foodies: Valentine's Day Gifts to Satisfy Their Taste Buds.
  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Travelers - Gifts for Travelers: Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Help Them Explore the World Together

💚 St. Patrick’s Day

When is it: March 17th

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that celebrates Irish heritage and culture. As an online store selling in Europe, you can use this as your guide to inspire your collections and campaigns. Think on beer (Guinness), leprechauns, sports, the colour green etc.

  • Get Lucky with Our Saint Patrick's Day Collection
  • Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in Style with Our Green Apparel Collection
  • Sláinte! Shop Our Saint Patrick's Day Drinkware Collection
  • Bring the Luck of the Irish Home with Our Saint Patrick's Day Home Décor Collection
  • Gifts for the Irish at Heart: Shop Our Saint Patrick's Day Gift Collection

These collections and campaigns are centered around the Irish culture and the color green, which are two of the most iconic symbols of Saint Patrick's Day. The product collections offer a variety of items that customers can use to celebrate the holiday, such as green apparel, drinkware, home décor, and gifts. The catchy titles are relevant to Saint Patrick's Day and are likely to grab the attention of potential customers.

🐣 Easter

When is it: Sunday between 22 March and 25 April

Easter has a spiritual significance, but eCommerce stores and brands can always add their spin to the traditions and engage the audience. An easter egg treasure hunt can be hosted on your social media channels. You could share the clues that lead to products on your eCommerce store. You will give out clues regularly throughout the day, and customers will try to find the right product on your online store. Once they find it, they can buy it at a discounted rate.

Below are a few ideas for a campaign to run that will not only excited but also engage your audience.

Easter Egg Hunt: "Easter Eggstravaganza!" Some products to include in this collection or give away as free gifts on your store could be: easter eggs, candy, chocolate, plush toys, Easter baskets, Easter decorations

Campaign: Hide Easter eggs throughout your website or social media pages, and offer prizes to customers who find them. You can also partner with other businesses in your area to create a city-wide Easter egg hunt.

Some more ideas for Easter related campaigns to run:

  • "Easter Delights: Indulge in Sweet Treats!" - Highlight a collection of European chocolates, candies, and pastries perfect for Easter. Promote traditional Easter sweets from different European countries, such as Belgian pralines, Italian Easter eggs, French macarons, and German marzipan. Encourage customers to satisfy their sweet tooth with these delectable delights.
  • "Spring Fashion Fling: Easter Outfit Inspiration!" - Showcase a range of stylish and vibrant outfits suitable for Easter celebrations. Feature European fashion brands that offer trendy spring dresses, colorful accessories, and chic footwear. Provide style tips and outfit ideas for different occasions, from Easter brunches to garden parties.
  • "Egg-citing Easter Decor: Spruce up Your Home!" - Offer a variety of European-themed Easter decorations to help customers transform their homes into festive and inviting spaces. Include decorative items such as hand-painted eggs, bunny figurines, floral wreaths, and table centerpieces. Emphasize the importance of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for Easter gatherings.
  • "Easter DIY Crafts: Unleash Your Creativity!" - Encourage customers to embrace their artistic side with DIY Easter craft kits. Curate a collection of European-inspired craft supplies, such as egg painting kits, origami paper, fabric for sewing Easter bunnies, and cross-stitch patterns. Provide step-by-step tutorials and creative ideas for personalized Easter crafts.
  • "Easter Family Fun: Create Memorable Moments!" - Promote a range of family-friendly activities and games for Easter celebrations. Offer European board games, outdoor toys, and puzzles that bring joy and entertainment to the whole family. Highlight the importance of spending quality time together and creating lasting memories during the holiday.

🏰 Europe Day

When is it: May 9th

Europe Day is a political holiday celebrating peace and unity within the European Union. People observe and celebrate this day and spread awareness about the history associated with the EU. You can conceptualize merchandise that depicts the unity and even give out offers across countries.

Europe Day: "Celebrate European Unity!" Some products to include in this collection could be: European flags, themed apparel representing different European countries, European travel accessories, European cuisine ingredients, European-themed home decor.

Campaign: "European Treasures: Discover Hidden Gems!" Look at your own country and audience to inspire a collection of unique and lesser-known products, or if you sell throughout Europe then from different European countries. Highlight the exclusivity and rarity of these items. Feature limited edition or your most exclusive and hard-to-find products that customers can only purchase from you or during the Europe Day campaign.

This ecommerce holiday campaign focuses on the allure of discovering rare and hidden gems from Europe, making it easy for you as an eCommerce sellers to curate a collection of products and promote them effectively. It provides a sense of exclusivity and excitement for customers, encouraging them to make a purchase during the Europe Day celebrations.

😎 Summer Bank Holiday

  • When is it: August 28th
  • Where is it celebrated: England, Wales, and Northern Ireland

Summer Bank Holiday marks the last day of Summer. The mood is festive as the streets buzz with people walking and dancing in parades. As an ecommerce brand, you mustn’t miss out on this fun.

#1 "Sizzling Summer Sale: Beat the Heat with Hot Deals!" Product collection: Swimwear, beach towels, sunglasses, sun hats, outdoor games

Campaign: Offer exclusive discounts and bundle deals on summer essentials. Create engaging social media posts featuring vibrant images of people enjoying the sun. Send out newsletters with tips on how to make the most of the Summer Bank Holiday weekend, including ideas for outdoor activities and beach getaways.

#2 "Bank Holiday Bonanza: Get Ready for a Relaxing Break!" Product Collection: Camping gear, outdoor furniture, picnic accessories, portable BBQs, hammocks

Campaign: Create a sense of anticipation by promoting a "Countdown to the Bank Holiday" campaign. Offer limited-time discounts and special offers on items perfect for a relaxing outdoor getaway. Send out personalized emails with suggested itineraries and tips for enjoying a stress-free bank holiday weekend.

#3 "Summer Soiree: Elevate Your Bank Holiday Celebrations!" Product Collection: Garden party decorations, BBQ grills, outdoor lighting, cocktail accessories, party games

Campaign: Encourage customers to host memorable bank holiday parties with a curated collection of party essentials. Share cocktail recipes, DIY decoration ideas, and party planning tips on social media. Offer discounts on bulk orders for customers planning larger gatherings.

#4 "Adventure Awaits: Explore Europe This Bank Holiday!" Product Collection: Travel accessories, luggage, city guides, hiking gear, camping equipment.

Campaign: Inspire wanderlust by showcasing popular European destinations and promoting travel-related products. Share travel tips, hidden gems, and itinerary suggestions for bank holiday getaways. Offer discounts on travel essentials and partner with local travel brands, tour operators or hotels to provide exclusive deals for your audience.

#5 "Staycation Bliss: Create Your Perfect Bank Holiday Retreat!" Product Collection: Home spa products, cozy loungewear, scented candles, books, board games

Campaign: Encourage customers to indulge in a relaxing staycation with luxurious self-care essentials. Share tips for creating a tranquil atmosphere at home and promote products that enhance relaxation and comfort. Offer special discounts on self-care bundles and host a social media contest where customers can share their staycation experiences for a chance to win prizes.

🔊 European Day of Languages

When is it: September 26th

In the European Union, there are 24 languages, and you can celebrate this by creating campaigns that cover some of these languages based on your customer base in different countries. You can showcase how your brand promotes diversity and inclusivity with insights about the languages. Besides this, you can create merch with a warm message about culture. This message can be translated into all 24 languages and sold across the nations.

#1 Linguistic Delights: "Celebrate Language Diversity!" Some products to include in this collection could be: language learning books, dictionaries, language apps, language-themed merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, etc.), and multilingual children's books.

Campaign: Host language learning webinars or workshops with experts, provide special discounts on language learning resources, and encourage customers to share their language learning journeys on social media using a specific hashtag.

#2 Lingua Fiesta: "Embrace Multilingualism!" Some products to include in this collection could be: language phrasebooks, language flashcards, language learning games, multilingual board games, and language-themed puzzles.

Campaign: Organize virtual language exchange events, encourage customers to share their favorite multilingual phrases or words on social media, and offer exclusive discounts on language learning products during the campaign period.

#3 Polyglot Paradise: "Unleash Your Linguistic Talents!" Some products to include in this collection could be: language learning software, online language courses, language learning subscriptions, language-themed jewelry, and language-inspired artwork.

Campaign: Run a language challenge where customers can compete to learn the most languages in a given time frame, offer prizes for language learning milestones, and collaborate with language influencers to promote the campaign to a wider audience.

🎃 Halloween

When is it: October 31st

Halloween is an ecommerce holiday that originated in the US but is becoming increasingly popular in several European countries and of course the UK. Big cities and prominent regions host parties and spooky events that engage people and enable them to have a fun night. You could be a part of this by curating a scary campaign on social media. You could encourage your audience to share their scariest paranormal experience and the story which sounds most creepy/spine-chilling will win rewards in the form of discounts and offers.

#1 Creepy Costume Collection: "Get Spooktacular this Halloween!" Products: Costume accessories, masks, makeup, wigs, fake blood, spooky props.

Campaign: Organize a virtual costume contest on social media with prizes for the best costumes. Offer a discount on the collection to encourage participation.

#2 Trick-or-Treat Treats: "Sweet Delights for Halloween Night!" Products: Halloween-themed candies, chocolates, cookies, popcorn, and spooky snacks.

Campaign: Offer a free treat with every purchase from the collection. Create a social media campaign showcasing delicious Halloween recipes using the treats.

#3 Haunted Home Decor: "Transform Your Home into a Spooky Haven!" Products: Halloween decorations, spooky lights, haunted house props, eerie candles.

Campaign: Encourage customers to share their creatively decorated homes on social media using a unique hashtag. Offer a discount on the collection for participants.

#4 Petrifying Party Supplies: "Throw the Ultimate Halloween Bash!" Products: Halloween-themed party supplies, tableware, decorations, costumes, and accessories.

Campaign: Create a blog post or video guide on hosting a memorable Halloween party. Offer a bundle deal on the collection for those who follow the guide.

🔥 Bonfire Night

  • When is it: November 5th
  • Where is it celebrated: Great Britain

Bonfire Night celebrates the failed assassination attempt on King James I. Till today, people celebrate the day with fireworks and bonfires. You can offer sales on different products that add to this celebration and even engage the audience with a quick historical quiz on your social media channels.

#1 Bonfire Night Bash: "Ignite the Night!" Product Collection: Fireworks, sparklers, bonfire essentials (firewood, fire starters), outdoor heating solutions (fire pits, patio heaters), warm clothing (hats, scarves, gloves), hot beverages (mulled wine, hot chocolate), marshmallows for toasting.

Campaign: Offer a free pack of sparklers with every purchase over a certain amount. Encourage customers to share their Bonfire Night celebrations on social media with a dedicated hashtag for a chance to win a prize. Collaborate with local event organizers to host a virtual bonfire night event and promote it to your audience.

#2 Bonfire Night Delights: "Sizzling Treats and Eats!" Product Collection: Gourmet sausages, hot dogs, burgers, marshmallows, toffee apples, mulled wine kits, hot chocolate mixes, bonfire toffee.

Campaign: Offer a free packet of toffee apples or gourmet sausages with every purchase of a mulled wine kit. Share mouth-watering recipes for bonfire night treats on your blog and social media. Run a contest where customers can submit their favorite bonfire night recipe for a chance to win a gift card or discount.

#3 Cozy Bonfire Night: "Warmth and Comfort!" Product Collection: Blankets, throws, cozy socks, hot water bottles, scented candles, firewood storage solutions, outdoor blankets.

Campaign: Offer a free scented candle or cozy socks with every purchase of a blanket or throw. Create a social media campaign where customers can share their coziest bonfire night set-up at home for a chance to win a luxury blanket or a bundle of cozy products. Collaborate with influencers or bloggers to create content around creating a cozy atmosphere for bonfire night.

#4 Bonfire Night Glam: "Sparkle and Shine!" Product Collection: Glitter makeup, temporary tattoos, face paints, themed clothing and accessories, glow sticks, LED accessories, festive nail art.

Campaign: Offer a free pack of temporary tattoos or a set of glow sticks with every purchase of glitter makeup or themed clothing. Encourage customers to share their bonfire night makeup looks or themed outfits on social media using a specific hashtag for a chance to be featured on your page or win a prize. Collaborate with makeup artists or fashion influencers to create bonfire night-inspired tutorials and outfit ideas.

#5 Bonfire Night Safety: "Stay Safe, Have Fun!" Product Collection: Fire safety equipment (fire extinguishers, fire blankets), reflective clothing and accessories, LED safety lights, first aid kits, warm reflective jackets.

Campaign: Offer a discount on fire safety equipment when purchased with any other bonfire night product. Share safety tips and guidelines for bonfire night on your website and social media platforms.

🖤 Black Friday & Cyber Monday

When is it: November 24th

Probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest event to add to your ecommerce marketing calendar. Although Thanksgiving originated in the US, Black Friday sales are quite popular in Europe, too. You can offer sales to all those people who hunt for the most economical options and scour the internet to get the best deals on products they love.

Abbreviations: BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday)

This is one of the biggest sale events of the year, and you can potentially make 10-30% of your annual revenue over a single weekend. Have a look at the Privy BFCM guide for more tips and ideas.

#1 "Black Friday Bonanza": This collection features a wide range of discounted products across various categories, including electronics, fashion, home appliances, beauty, and more. Highlight the incredible savings and limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency among your audience. Use eye-catching visuals and compelling copy to promote the collection on your website, social media channels, and email campaigns.

"Cyber Monday Mega Deals": Emphasize the convenience of online shopping with this collection focused specifically on Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday should be centered more around technology products and "smart gadgets". Curate a selection of exclusive online-only deals and bundle offers to entice customers. Promote the collection through appealing email newsletters, social media posts, and targeted digital ads to reach your European audience effectively.

"Holiday Gift Guide": Create a curated collection of products perfect for holiday gifting. Include a diverse range of items suitable for different budgets and recipient preferences. Personalize the gift guide by categorizing products based on recipient types, such as "Gifts for Him," "Gifts for Her," "Gifts for Kids," and "Stocking Stuffers." Share the gift guide across your marketing channels to provide shoppers with inspiration and convenience during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy.

"Early Bird Specials": Encourage customers to start their holiday shopping early by offering exclusive discounts and promotions leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Create a sense of anticipation and reward for early shoppers by providing limited-time offers, early access to deals, or free gifts with purchase. Leverage email marketing campaigns, countdown timers on your website, and social media teasers to build excitement and drive sales.

"Flash Sale Frenzy": Generate buzz and excitement with flash sales throughout the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Create a series of time-limited promotions on select products, offering significant discounts for a short duration. Use attention-grabbing subject lines in your email campaigns, create urgency with countdown timers, and leverage social media platforms to announce and promote each flash sale. Encourage customers to act quickly to secure the best deals before they're gone.

🎅 Christmas Eve and Day

When is it: December 24-25

Another one not to miss out on: Christmas is the last holiday of the year, and it is a time when friends and family come together, and that means gifting is a top priority. The holiday season is perfect for a themed sale and campaign that celebrates the spirit of giving, love, and joy. Your campaign can be approached in different ways. Here are a few ideas.

#1 Winter Wonderland: "Magical Moments for the Festive Season!" This collection is perfect for European sellers looking to capture the essence of Christmas. Include products like cozy sweaters, warm blankets, Christmas tree decorations, scented candles, and festive ornaments.

Campaign: Create a sense of anticipation by unveiling a new product or discount every day leading up to Christmas. Encourage customers to share their favorite holiday memories and offer a prize for the best story. Use social media to showcase how your products can make their holiday season extra special.

#2 Santa's Workshop: "Gifts that Delight, Straight from Santa's Workshop!" This collection is all about unique and personalized gifts that European sellers can offer. Include products like customized mugs, engraved jewelry, personalized stockings, handmade toys, and DIY craft kits.

Campaign: Launch a "Letters to Santa" campaign where customers can write their wish list and receive a personalized response from Santa. Offer exclusive discounts for early bird shoppers and highlight the joy of giving with heartwarming stories of how your products have brought smiles to people's faces.

#3 Festive Feast: "Indulge in the Flavors of Christmas!" This collection is perfect for European food and beverage sellers. Include products like gourmet chocolates, traditional holiday treats, fine wines, specialty teas, and festive recipe books.

Campaign: Share mouthwatering recipes using your products and encourage customers to share their culinary creations. Offer a limited-time holiday bundle with a selection of your best-selling products and host a virtual cooking class or live tasting session to engage your audience.

#4 Holiday Home Decor: "Transform Your Home into a Winter Wonderland!" This collection is aimed at European sellers specializing in home decor. Include products like fairy lights, festive cushions, wreaths, Christmas stockings, and elegant tableware.

Campaign: Inspire customers with home decor ideas and DIY tutorials to create the perfect holiday ambiance. Run a contest where customers can share photos of their beautifully decorated homes for a chance to win a grand prize. Collaborate with influencers or interior designers to create captivating content.

#5 Season of Giving: "Spread Joy, Share Love!" This collection is focused on charitable initiatives and gifts that give back. Include products like fair trade goods, sustainable fashion items, handmade crafts by local artisans, and donation-based gift cards.

Campaign: Partner with a local charity and donate a portion of sales to support their cause. Encourage customers to share acts of kindness they've witnessed or performed during the holiday season. Highlight the impact of their purchases on communities and showcase the stories behind the products they're buying.

That's it, I hope you've found this list useful and you'll add some to your ecommerce marketing calendar to get your online store ready for the holidays. By including these holidays in your email and on-site marketing it is sure to help you to stand out from the crowd and promote campaigns around some popular and also lesser known ecommerce holidays.

Written by:
James Mew
Selljam Founder | Head of eCommerce

With 18 years of experience in the eCommerce industry, I have successfully launched and grown multiple e-commerce businesses, the 2nd one hit 7-figures in revenue within its first year. In 2022, I joined a European food technology equipment and IT service provider as their Head of E-commerce, overseeing 14 eshops across Europe and South Africa. Selljam is where I share all those ecommerce tips, tricks and hacks learned along the way that I hope will also help you on your journey to success. 

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